Systems Design

Design services required to develop the design and specifications of the audio, audiovisual and television systems, and to provide complete bidding documents for the provision and installation of the systems by a qualified systems contractor.

  • Work with the client’s project team to coordinate and select specific systems equipment to meet the established performance requirements and budget.  
  • Provide functional block drawings for all audio, video, pulse, control, data and RF systems showing the interconnections between components.  
  • Provide equipment rack drawings detailing all allocated equipment modules.  
  • Provide detailed drawings of all custom control panels, connection panels and plates, and mounting devices.  
  • Provide detailed drawings of all consoles, control desks, and projection tables.  
  • Provide schematic drawings of custom circuitry, where required.  
  • Provide facility plan drawings showing location of all equipment.  
  • Provide complete specifications for all systems. These include:
  • General specs, warranties, system performance requirements, installation practices, owner training, insurance, checkout, etc. 
  • Detailed specifications outlining functional requirements for each system area. 
  • Equipment lists detailing each piece of equipment by manufacturer and model number.