Rycat is an Engineering, Project Management and Training firm specializing in multi-media communications technology systems for business, government, broadcast, motion picture, education, and entertainment industries.

Our services range from initial assessment of needs and facilities through final systems testing/verification, as well as training to ensure that operators and end users utilize the systems effectively. Using competent, practical, cost-effective designs, which accurately reflect client desires and needs, Rycat ensures comprehensive system integration and offers unbiased evaluations of equipment, contractors and services for our client’s projects.

Rycat believes that today’s corporate and academic clients want and need more than simple AV devices and rooms for the projection and viewing of presentations. They require integrated communications solutions that typically involve voice, data, and video. Further, many of these communiqués take place at a distance and bring interactivity close to, or on, the desktop. These systems can greatly impact the organization’s physical space, its infrastructure, and the dynamics of how people work together.